South Florida Interventional Oncology Center  

South Florida Interventional Oncology center is one of the first premier centers, consisting of a group of board certified medical specialists, focusing solely on the field of interventional oncology. Our doctors, trained in the newest, and most advanced, minimally invasive surgical techniques, specialize in treating patients with cancer. Our staff has the most advanced and newest equipment at its disposal. We have been working with medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists for years in a multidisciplinary fashion to give patients with various types of malignancies the best opportunity for survival. We perform hundreds of interventional oncological procedures annually. In fact, we were the first center to introduce many of these procedures to the South Florida area. All procedures we perform are non-surgical, minimally invasive, image-guided procedures allowing a short recovery time and quick return to a good quality of life.

Our specialty-trained physicians offer a full spectrum of minimally invasive oncological procedures. We have a friendly, well-trained staff and we use state-of-the-art imaging equipment. Our center, we incorporate the most advanced Cat-Scan, MRI and Ultra-sound equipment to quickly and accurately diagnose, treat and follow patients with cancer.

We use advanced ultra-sound and fluoroscopy to accurately, safely and painlessly place ports in the chest and arms allowing cancer patients to receive intravenous medications or nutrients directly into the blood stream. We use this same advanced imaging equipment to precisely and accurately localize, biopsy and treat tumors in many locations throughout the body.  We offer a diverse array of localized, minimally invasive procedures ranging from targeted image guided Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) or Cryoablation, which is localized destruction of lung, liver, soft tissue, adrenal, and/or bone tumors using radio frequency waves or freezing respectively. We perform Chemo-Embolization or Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) using image guidance to target and treat malignant tumors in the liver directly via their blood supply. Targeting a tumor’s blood supply allows us to administer increasing concentrations of chemotherapeutic agents (chemo-embolization) or particles coated with radiation (SIRT) to kill tumors while at the same time significantly decreasing systemic affects allowing quick return to a normal quality of life.

Our doctors know that every patient and situation is unique. We spend a considerable amount of time with each patient allowing us to devise the best available treatment plan for each individual while keeping a good quality of life.